London Drawing Group is an all-female art and teaching collective founded in 2016 by Luisa-Maria MacCormack, Lucy Mcgeown and Frances Stanfield. We met whilst studying at the Royal Drawing School in 2014, and now run a program of diverse, unique and often strongly feminist themed classes all over London, collaborating with major institutions and attracting hundreds of students as well as running regular exhibitions and maintaining our own studio practice.

The core ethos of LDG came from a wish to make art accessible to everyone, our classes aim to cut through the often alienating way that art is talked about and practiced, and to show that everyone is capable of engaging with art through discussion and through drawing.

In the two years since our conception, as well as being listed for the Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise award and being regularly featured in Timeout, we have won teaching collaborations from a number of major institutions all over London and beyond, such as The British Museum, Tate Galleries, The Jerwood Gallery, Freud Museum, Topolski Studio, the London Illustration Fair, Royal British Society of Sculptors and most recently a large and exciting commission from the newly refurbished Hayward Gallery! We also continue to provide well priced and original classes in their local area of South London through Lewisham Arthouse and Buster Mantis Deptford and are regularly invited to lecture at stand-alone events.

LDG also provides an innovative program of Drawing Tours each term, many of which have a distinct feminist perspective on retellings of History of Art and discussions of contemporary art practice. We launched this program in 2017 with our first tour; Female Sexuality and the Male Gaze, which almost instantly attracted interest from over 10,000 people through social media channels, this is our longest running class to date and has been attended by hundreds of people! 

We have since expanded to a huge array of classes that often aim to profile underused resources and institutions in London, such as the British Museum Prints and Drawings Room, as well as providing a much-needed feminist perspective on classical works, body politics and the ever present threat of discrimination and the gender gap in the artistic community.

Alongside teaching and organizing events, we also maintain our own extremely diverse art practice. Although we are brought together by our love of drawing, their practice of it takes us in extremely different directions with Lucy working mainly in installation, Frances in printmaking, and Luisa in Painting.

More information about events and our work can be found at