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THE DISTORTED FORM: from Bacon to Moore at the Tate Britain

THE DISTORTED FORM: from Bacon to Moore at the Tate Britain

Join London Drawing Group as we step inside the Tate Britain for a drawing tour through some of the masters of twentieth century art, from Francis Bacon to Henry Moore, we will be examining what happens when the body becomes subject to the imagination. We will be offering a guided introduction to a variety of paintings and sculptures all of which tackle the question of the body in a different way, expect metamorphosis, distortion, and the challenge of new media as we explore through drawing how artists approached the age old expression of the body in a new way through twentieth century art. 


London Drawing Group’s ‘Drawing Tours’ are a fantastic new series of workshops designed to help both professional artists and complete beginners experience the joys of the London galleries and museums in a new way.

Through our subject-specific guided tours you will draw from the surprising histories and personal stories behind well-known works housed in London’s most iconic buildings, and through the expertise and guidance of our tutors, experience the paintings in a totally different light.

**Please remember to bring a sketchbook and pencils etc or a drawing board and sheets of loose paper if you prefer. Meet outside the SIDE ENTRANCE OF TATE BRITAIN at 10:45am. There will be a break for lunch 1-2pm and the session will finish at 5pm**