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Housed in the stunning sculpture hall of the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, this class takes as its starting point the works one of the most expressive sculptors that has ever lived, working in the round from Rodin’s fantastic sculptures in both marble and bronze will allow students to experience a totally different perspective in drawing than working from 2-dimensional works. With the morning’s talk discussing the tumultuous love affairs and academic scrutiny that dogged Rodin’s work, including affairs with his young student, be prepared to see the master in a new light.

The morning’s class will be made up of a short introduction to the Rodin’s epoch, life and work, followed by a series of tailored drawing exercises led by Luisa, designed to help you understand the artists techniques in a new way. The afternoon will be made up of longer exercises building to a long drawing with the aim of combining all that you have learned throughout the day into a final work.