WE'VE BEEN SHORTLISTED!!! Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award

London Drawing Group are excited (and not a little chuffed) to announce that we have been SHORTLISTED for the Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award 2017! We are pretty proud of ourselves and our students, and so grateful to all that helped us out along the way filling in our endless surveys and writing us such wonderful reviews! We are now working hard (as usual) and are looking forward to the final stage of the competition - BRING IT ON! 


Rokit London Review

A massive Thank You to Rhiannon Thornton of Rokit London for such a thoughtful review!

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Posted on 9th February 2017

We joined London Drawing Group for a day of exploration in the Male gaze and Female Sexuality. Soaring through the National Gallery we became familiar with the versatile lives of women centuries past, the positioning imposed by the male artist and striking stories behind the art, ranging from accounts of the artists lives to thrilling mythology and gut wrenching sagas. If you’ve ever stuck your nose up at a Degas in favour of an Emin, this tour is guaranteed to change your mind...

...Welcome London Drawing Group, a budding group of vigilante tutors who host a series of enthralling classes held at the National Gallery. These art enthusiasts are equipped with an extensive familiarity of fine art and the evident passion to let you know about it too. The all-day class is a great chance for anyone with an interest in gender, media, art or reaching the end of the day feeling a little smarter than the day before to develop an understanding of how the gaze plays a significant part in painting. Complete with full historical insight, informed personal response and jaw dropping back stories that could make for a cracking EastEnders episode, our tour takes us from the recognisable images of Leonardo Da Vinci’s, “Madonna of the Rocks” to a less commercially viable depiction of gruesome decapitation in Johann Liss’ “Judith in the Tent of Holofernes”.
— http://www.rokit.co.uk/blog/subculture-style-series/female-sexuality-and-the-male-gaze-with-london-drawing-group
Source: http://www.rokit.co.uk/blog/subculture-sty...


To continue in the vein of very exciting news- LDG are borderline ecstatic to announce that we are embarking upon a new series of FREE drawing workshops hosted by none other than the BRITISH MUSEUM in collaboration with the Bridget Riley Art Foundation.

These events will be free, day-long drawing workshops held in the Study Room of the Prints and Drawings Department of the museum, with materials provided and taught by our wonderful selves. Teaching in the British Museum is truly such a privilege for us and we are extremely grateful to our hosts the BRAF for the opportunity to provide a class for you all in such an amazing environment! Come along and join us on the 27th February for our first class:


In this class we will explore the artistic lure of a lost feminine magick, or perhaps the threat of a latent female power. From Salvator Rosa, through Goya, Fuseli and Parmigianino, we will explore the way that artists have dealt with differing visions of dangerous femininity through the use of compositional drama, narrative, tone and medium. With a particular focus on creating exciting and composite images rather than simple studies, this class will challenge you to explore your own notions of femininity and the concept  of the witch in art.

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We are going to start off with a very exciting announcement -

We've been plugged in Time Out!


The best life-drawing classes in London

Best for: Imaginative exercises

The three contemporary artists who run LDG events started the series to get more people drawing. Tours at the National Gallery teach drawing by observation of works on display, and drop-in classes pick unusual topics such as internet porn. Teaching is hands-on and helpful.

— Time Out London
Source: https://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-d...