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THE COLLECTOR'S CURSE: Drawing Marc Quinn at the Soane Museum

Join London Drawing Group for this one-off class set in the unique environment of the Sir John Soane Museum, London celebrating the temporary installation of sculptures by the contemporary artist Marc Quinn, as well as the collection itself.

One of Britain’s most enigmatic and eccentric collectors, at the height of his architectural fame, Soane was so wealthy and powerful that he outbid the British Museum at auctions, filling his Holborn home to the brim with antique sculptures, medieval church carvings, doric columns, Egyptian sarcophagi and seemingly endless collection of oddities. Through this class we will be exploring the collection from a visual and historical perspective, replete with a guided tour of the museum and a special focus on the installation of contemporary sculptures by the artist Marc Quinn.

Set amongst the sombre atmosphere of the carefully curated Soane house, Marc Quinn’s stark body casts of himself and his dancer-partner “” are both radiant and unnerving, creating the effect of life-models posing amid the collection.

This class is set to be a totally unique experience, with exercises tailored to the exceptional content of the Museum, we will be exploring how collections can inspire our drawings, bringing about unexpected combinations of forms and styles