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THE DISTORTED FORM: From Francis Bacon to Henry Moore

London Drawing Group is excited to announce that for ONE WEEK ONLY - The Distorted Form: From Francis Bacon to Henry Moore, one of our original and most successful Drawing Tours is BACK with a vengeance!

Francis Bacon and Henry Moore, two monolithic figures of modernist British Art, both take as their creative naissance the theme of the body. Distorted, warped and experimented with to often almost unrecognisable proportions, their work is littered with altered states and hybrid creatures. Join London Drawing Group for this day-long Drawing Tour as we step inside the Tate Britain to explore what it is that has driven artists over the centuries to metamorphose the human form.

From fascinating insights into the links between such disparate works as Henry Fuseli’s Titania and Bottom, and Richard Dadd’s The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke, to the first proponents of direct carving and the emergent themes of the First and Second World Wars, be prepared to understand the history of this strange subject in a way you may not have considered before.

With sensitively narrated personal histories of many of the wider canon of modernist sculptors such as Brian Skeaping, Dora Gordine and Eric Gill, through the morning’s talk and discussion allow LDG to introduce you to an often overlooked and underpraised group of artists and sculptors whose stories you will not forget.

Perfect for all levels, from beginners onwards, the afternoon’s teaching focuses on interpretations of many fascinating pieces of sculpture and distorted forms, with tailored exercises designed to help you understand the mind of the artist and to explore your own imaginative limits, creating composite works and understanding your own individual drawing process, this truly is a day of incredible creativity, imagination and experimentation that you do not want to miss!